Wireless Doorbell And WiFi Doorbell Difference

2.4Ghz Wireless doorbell and WiFi doorbell have the following differences:

1.2.4Ghz Wireless doorbell is mainly in the frequency band set in the wireless connection, and WiFi wireless doorbell is connected with WiFi wireless network.

2.2.4Ghz Wireless Doorbell connection in the process of communication in the face of metal is difficult to pass, but also only through three walls; WiFi Wireless Doorbell is much more powerful, so long as there is WiFi wireless network where you can communicate.

3.2.4Ghz Wireless doorbell is mainly divided into indoor and outdoor machine and transmitter, WiFi wireless doorbell is mainly divided into indoor and outdoor machines or mobile phones and app system connection software.

4.2.4Ghz Wireless doorbell communication distance is generally refers to the open distance without occlusion in about 300 meters, WiFi wireless doorbell communication distance without any restrictions, as long as there is WiFi coverage can be connected to communications.