What Caused The Wireless Network Line Dropped?

When you are playing the  network game, the network suddenly disconnected, i believe that this is the game player's nightmare. As everyone knows the network game disconnected, the game charactor my be killed or influence all team fighting, which may waste several hours' working. 

Some people come for help, they set up a shared network in a room,they surf the internet at the same time or play games.  But the dormitory network is too unstable, can say to the intolerable, the network in the use process always dropped. The nework work for half hour then dropped and then automatically connected. Then what cause the wireless network drop off?

At present, the application of wireless broadband routers is very wide, especially the public users, but in the process of use, there will be many problems. For small networks, because of the convenience of work, wireless broadband routers are usually used to achieve network sharing, so desktop users and notebook users can fully and conveniently enjoy the convenience of the network.

Compared to the wired network, the stability of the wireless network has always been its disadvantage. So, the wireless routing problem is also caused by many factors. What should be done to solve these problems? Below is a detailed description of several common causes that lead to frequent wirelessly routed routing.

1. Driver compatibility difference

The driving problem is a universal user dropped the most common problem, the wireless router after a period of normal use, is inexplicably dropped, this kind of problem is that most users to install the operating system, the system comes with a wireless network card driver, especially a pirated XP system, built-in drive not version is too low the result is not stable.

When users encounter such problems, the first time to consider is the problem of the receiving end, that is, the end of the laptop or the wireless network card. Whether it is installed or notebook desktop wireless card, are likely due to the card or driver compatibility problems caused by network link error.

First of all, we should confirm whether the network card itself has a quality defect, then check whether the drive is normal, or the drive version is too old. If the laptop is using a wireless network card and the router is connected, then in addition to the wireless set, wireless network and routing most of different brands are compatible, but does not rule out a handful of the interoperability of products is not ideal, you can try to use the search card model at Baidu or Google search compatible wireless router is not good, you are also in the ranks, in order to find out the reason of dropping.

2. The virus is in the cause

The main reason is caused by the computer poisoning frequently dropped, if worm ARP cheat type, when the network virus accumulated enough packets will produce a lot of traffic impact broadband router port, when the flow is too large the router port will appear self protection, automatically close the port for its failure. To discard all virus packets. When the client computer will be unable to connect to the external network dropping phenomenon; and when the broadband router self protection closed port after virus packets are discarded, so for a very short time (less than a minute) the port will automatically return to normal, this is also the reason why the reader meets the actual disconnection after a minute or so back to normal.

When the fault is caused by the ARP virus, we should first install system patches for each client computer operating system, make up all kinds of loopholes, then to install antivirus software update virus killing worms, when necessary, can also be combined with the ARP -d clear ARP cache information restore the normal operation of the network. Only after the thorough clearance of the virus can the network be restored to normal, and the problem of automatic drop - off mentioned above is solved. Of course, for some of the more powerful ARP virus, we can only use the tools to solve, attack and spread such as in the machine to install a ARP firewall or router by binding the MAC function to limit the virus, these are the prevention method is very effective, in the actual use of pen and maintenance process effect.

For users with more wireless routers, the probability of virus attack will be large, so effective prevention of viruses will avoid router disconnection or even more serious failures. For experienced users, when it is discovered that even when accessing LAN or regular operation slows down, it will be realized that this is probably caused by virus. At this time we can kill by using the new antivirus software, or the PING gateway uses the method of viewing traffic to locate the problem.

Cause of frequent drop off of wireless routing: setting deviations

Of course, if the drop off problem is not caused by virus, the most likely thing is the software parameter setting in broadband router. We can go to the broadband router management interface. Compare the settings of each parameter, especially the dial-up settings at the settings of the network parameter ->WAN port, to see if he is set to "on demand connection, automatic connection when there is access, automatic disconnection waiting time X minutes". If this is the case, someone in the intranet is going to have access to the external Interne