The Prospect Of Home Monitoring System

The development and popularization of home monitoring market is closely linked with mobile monitoring and mobile monitoring. By 2010, the security industry's civilian market size will reach about 60 billion, mobile security industry, the civilian market demand and cost-effective, mobile phone security products market price should be within 1000 yuan, in order to get customers and users of the favor and pursuit, the market can be the real meaning of civilian.

But the big business opportunity of the family monitor market has already been exposed, relative industry video surveillance system, the civilian video surveillance system operation is simpler, the price is also cheaper, these are the home video surveillance system advantage.

At present, domestic monitoring market for home, although just beginning, but has a very broad market prospects, industry insiders pointed out that the future of home video surveillance system technology will be with the development of wired and wireless network technology, home video surveillance will change the popularity of people's daily life. In the future, the development potential of video surveillance business in the individual user market will likely be tied to the industry user market.