LED Lighting: Commercialization Is Coming

As LED luminous efficiency (lumen / tile) continues to improve and prices continue to decline, LED is driving some new lighting applications. Today, high brightness LED is becoming more and more popular in some general lighting applications, such as flash, garden / landscape lighting and small reading lights.

Professional interior lighting products, such as portraits, lighting, etc., also began to combine wireless, battery powered, high luminous flux LED lamps. The advantage of LED in indoor lighting systems is that lighting devices can be easily installed on walls without any expensive wiring. LED is also increasingly being considered for other professional lighting applications, such as surgical lights, machine vision, military lighting and concert lights.

Mainstream general lighting includes enterprise lighting and consumer home lighting. The ultimate potential market for high luminous flux LED is to develop cost-effective white lighting solutions for billions of dollars in indoor and outdoor homes, as well as the enterprise general lighting market.