How To Set Repeater Mode Of The Wireless Router To Make The Wifi Signal Be Better?

How to set repeater mode of the wireless router to make the wifi signal be better?

Hardware setting:

1. It is best to choose the same brand of wireless router and repeater to avoid hardware incompatibility

2. The power of wireless router and repeater should be bigger, which can avoid the repeater signal receiving instability lead to the Internet.

3. The durability of routing and repeater should be better. Most people do not turn off the router & repeater. It is not easy to crash and restart for a long time, or even fall into the dead circle.

4. The location should be reasonable, the middle walls should not be too large. The coverage should cover suitable in case of wifi line switch frequently.

Software settings:

1. If every unit is DHCP enabled, the you will need to set each unit of DHCP reasonable. If every unit close DHCP, then you need to set a static IP address. 

2. Refer to above hardware setting, to reduce wifi channel choose, make sure the  SSID of the main router  and each wifi repeater be the same. Whenever you walk around, you can connect each repeater signal. 

3. The channel cannot set up automatically, and the channel between each repeater and wireless router to be the same, in case of a period use, the channel changed among the wifi router and wifi repeaters.

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