How To Extend Wireless Signal? You Need A Wireless Repeater.

Wireless to Internet is commen right now, and almost every family has deployed its own wireless network. However,when face to complex enviroment like family huxing, or large-type, villas and other environments, wireless network coverage problem is very annoying. Whether the wireless channel congestion is caused by the deployment of WiFi to the neighbors, or the same frequency interference caused by devices such as cordless telephones, microwave ovens and wireless headsets, it is difficult for users to obtain good wireless network signals.

In the face of this situation, the use of wireless repeater can solve the user's wireless signal coverage problem. A wireless repeater is an intermediary device that connects a wireless router to a user's device, receives a signal from a wireless router, forwards the device to the user's hand, and allows the user's device to receive a steady and robust wireless signal. The user needs to deploy the wireless repeater on the edge position of the wireless router signal, and then simply set it up so the wireless repeater can extend the wireless network to the room that needs to be covered.

The Wireless Repeater configuration method is similar to the wireless router, we deploy the wireless repeater in the wireless router's signal range, then connects the wireless network which the radio repeater launches, enters the management backstage. Then, select the wireless network Name (SSID) that you want to extend and enter the correct password, which can be completed after a short wait. Currently on the market, wireless repeater operation is more and more simple, can realize and wireless router automatic pairing function, no user manual operation configuration.