How To Cool The Wireless Router?

Now almost all the families have routers, but in maintenance is not done enough, such as the router often used in the use of high temperature, in addition to the shutdown will not be other cooling methods, this can not. Summed up four simple cooling methods, and it's effective as per test!

Method 1: provide a ventilated bracket for the router

The routers are higher. The foot under the device is generally very low, low to affect the normal heat dissipation, a better way to give the router to the bottom of the 4 slightly higher stuff, because the router generally does not have a fan, so air cooling is particularly important.

Method 2: fan heat dissipation

The fan is dissipating heat. You can put a small fan in front or bottom of the router. It can be a mini fan like a chassis power supply, usually the USB interface, which can be bought at random.

Method 3: reduce the temperature of the environment

Reduce the ambient temperature, if the room temperature is high, to maintain ventilation, air conditioning and cooling, can also reduce the router temperature.

Method 4: far away from the heat source equipment

Keep away from high temperature equipment, such as kettle, radiator and so on.