How To Choose Wireless Charger?

Many people are attracted by the convienience of wireless charging, have started to buy wireless charger.

There are hundreds of seller in the market. Their products, from the appearance and function of the difference is not small, but the price is uneven, great disparity, low as long as 30 yuan, the highest is up to 400 or even 500 yuan.

Such a wide range of products dazzling, the difference between the price is difficult to distinguish between authenticity.

We visited a number of industry-class people and related industrial markets, in this brief introduction to the purchase of wireless charging products method.

First, we must choose QI .

Wireless charging currently has two major international mainstream industry standards. One is the QI standard of the wireless Charge Union (WPC) and the other is airfuelalliance. These two standards for wireless charging product performance, technical parameters, compatibility, security and so made a unified regulation, with strict certification standards.

At present, the QI standard is more mature, occupy the mainstream. Choose Wireless charger, first check whether the product has QI certification mark. Generally speaking, the quality of products certified by Qi is more reliable.

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Second, wireless charging products cost disparity, not the cheaper doesn't means the better.

Wireless charger price disparity is mainly caused by the difference between manufacturing costs.

The cost of wireless charger includes research and development cost, material cost, manufacturing cost, safety insurance cost and after-sale service cost.

Wireless charging is the new technology of electricity, the controllability of current is more difficult than that of wired transmission, therefore, it is very high for the research and development of the project and the quality of the components. High-quality wireless charging brand will invest in huge research and development costs, procurement of world-class components, so the cost is higher.

And some small factories in the electronic market is unable to carry out research and development, can only imitate, plagiarism, the same cottage. The materials used are cheap defective or even recycled waste. For example, a first-class chip price of more than 10 yuan, more than 20 yuan, but some small factories using the factory's defective or even removed from the old electronic chip, the cost of only a few cents. In this way, the price of wireless charging products in small factories is naturally ridiculously low.

Third, we need to consider efficiency and also speed.

Wireless charger has a problem of conversion efficiency, the current QI standard wireless charger conversion efficiency of more than 60%-80%. Huaqiang north of the product conversion efficiency of more than 70%, and some professional brand conversion efficiency of more than 75%-80%. Under the same conditions, the higher the efficiency, the faster the charge speed.

However, efficiency is not the only factor determining the rate of charge. Some of the strong technical strength of the manufacturers by improving chip performance, optimization design, adjust the current output so that the speed of wireless charging comparable to even more than wired charge speed. For example, new page technology has developed a 15W wireless fast-charge chip solution.

Four, temperature can have, but must be controllable.

There are some heat problems in the wireless charging process. The quality product can control the temperature under 40 ℃, and has only the control function, when the temperature is too high the automatic power off. Therefore, the temperature problem has little effect.

Five, wireless charging performance PK

The principle of wireless charger seems simple, performance but great attention. Not only the difference of charging efficiency, charging speed and charging temperature, but also the performance difference of inductive sensitivity, stability, safety, durability, overvoltage protection and foreign body detection. Prices as low as 30 yuan of products can also have basic wireless charging function, but the performance and quality of a lot of difference, charging experience greatly discounted, the use of a shorter period of time, the damage to the phone is relatively large, even there are some security risks. For example, some low-quality chargers will be charged with severe fever, poor contact, intermittent. Some of the poor wireless charger durability is very poor, the use of one or two months will be broken.

An emerging industry is always going through a process of inferior selection, the test is not only the manufacturer's conscience, but also the wisdom of consumers.