How Far Are We From Wireless Charging?

Imagine that when you enter the living room, your cell phone, watch, hand ring, headphones all start to automatically recharge, and all do not need to connect the line, how beautiful that picture is! The research team at Duke University and the University of Washington said it will become a reality in the near future.

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Researchers in the American Journal of Applied Physics said the wall-mounted charging system they developed could emit microwaves, transmit electricity to multiple small devices, and become less constrained in the future. In other words, the charging system, which is smaller than a regular LCD TV, can wirelessly charge multiple devices at the same time.

At present, wireless charge in the market belongs to near-field magnetic coupling wireless energy transmission, which realizes the energy transfer between power supply and power equipment with the help of invisible medium in space-magnetic field. This method is considered harmless to the human body, but must be close to work. And the new system solves the distance problem, it is made of super material, can manipulate more high-frequency microwave in a certain way, ensure the electromagnetic field covers all the small equipment in the room, even can extend to the outside, the farthest distance can reach 10 meters.

The researchers said the system's microwave energy would only charge specific devices, avoiding people, pets and other items, so it was safe to do so.

David, dean of the School of Electronics and Computer engineering at Duke University, said whether headphones, mobile phones or watches, or even the mouse and keyboard, the big trouble for consumers is that they have to take the connection line to recharge, "our system will be able to automatically and continuously charge all devices anywhere in a room, Let the battery run out into history.