Home Security Monitoring System Program, Home Security Is Moving Towards Intelligent

Family security has always been a matter of great concern to people. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for family security is also increasing. From the earliest start of the high wall protection to today's electronic fences and other technical means, especially the Internet and intelligent home, but also to make home security more and more three-dimensional and intelligent.

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What is security monitoring system

Security monitoring System is the application of optical fiber, coaxial cable or microwave in its closed loop transmission of video signals, and from the camera to image display and record constitute an independent and complete system. It can be real-time, image, real reflection of the monitored object, it can be in the harsh environment in lieu of artificial long time monitoring, recorded through the VCR. At the same time alarm system equipment to the illegal intrusion alarm. Installation monitoring can achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted security monitoring, to bring people in life to rest assured, take to peace of mind.

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Features of security monitoring system


Clear and simple structure management application simple and powerful operation function monitoring view easy and extremely high security capability unlimited seamless Scalability

The home security system uses the host to connect the fixed telephone line, through the wireless or the wired connection various detectors, if has the police situation, according to the customer set the handset or the telephone number dials the alarm, realizes the anti-theft alarm function. The home security system is an important facility for preventing accidents such as theft, robbery and fire. In the event of an unexpected incident, the owner can be quickly notified by telephone to facilitate the rapid adoption of emergency measures to prevent the occurrence of accidents or the expansion of disasters.

The composition of security monitoring system

As long as the family has network access, whether it is ADSL or broadband, can install video gateways, photographic video and other image information will be stored in the network server according to customer needs.

Monitoring alarm System

Sensor and camera integration linkage: door magnetism, infrared displacement, all kinds of detectors, emergency help button can be linked with the video gateway, the camera will automatically aim to trigger the warning place, and the relevant information sent to the mobile phone and computer.

to ensure user privacy; Mobile clients and video gateways all have passwords that only users know and can modify.

The control system of police emotion processing

Users can use the mobile phone or computer to monitor any screen in the home, received the invasion and danger image video information, but also anti-theft system and intelligent home appliances control, in the mobile phone can independently complete the monitoring video, anti-theft alarm, intelligent home and other functions.