Does Wireless Charger Would Consume Power If Put Without Mobile Phone? Whether The Wireless Charger Has Effect For Phones?

Since the introduction of the QI wireless charging international standard, there is no need to worry that wireless charging is not reliable, and it is not safe. It solves the two characteristics of compatibility and versatility. In the mobile phone charger market, wireless charger has become more and more popular, and more and more mobile phones are supporting the wireless charger. Although there are no direct wireless charging hardware for domestic mobile phones, wireless charging can also be realized through mobile phones.

Some people ask, if the wireless charger is not on the phone, but the wireless charger is open, will it consume electricity? The answer is yes. If you have connected the power supply, you will consume electricity, including the display of some LED lights, all of which are supported by electricity.

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Of course, standby power consumption and charging power consumption low, wireless charging equipment than ordinary charger "smart", for different electronic products, power supply interface can automatically correspond to the charging, the transmitter and receiver chip will automatically start to work, full of power, the two party will automatically shut down. It can also automatically identify different equipment and energy requirements for "personalized work", which is intelligent. And the wireless charger on the market is in line with the QI wireless charging standard. The precautions for Wireless charger and wired charger are similar. If the wireless charger doesn't charge, it is recommended to unload the charger data line, which can better protect the wireless charger and increase the service life of the wireless charger.

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Does wireless charger have any impact on mobile phones?

In normal circumstances, there is no impact. Wireless charging is now working at less than 1M, so it does not affect the signal of the mobile phone. Wireless charging has no effect on cell phone battery life. It is basically the same as wired charging, but the rate is low, but the power conversion rate of wireless charger is still high, which is more energy saving. The main purpose of wireless charger is inductively coupled technology, because the coupling technology mainly generates the current through the magnetic field of the coil, and the internal components of the battery itself can not form a magnetic field, so it will not damage the internal structure of the battery during the power up process. Most of the phones on the market now conform to the QI wireless charging standard, and the wireless receiver is built. It has a rated voltage and current, so the wireless charger has no influence on the cell phone.

However, whether it is wired or wireless, when the cell phone is full of electricity and does not cut off the power, it is sure to have an impact on the cell.