About Wireless Power Consortium

  WPC (Wireless power Consortium) is mainly powered, distance, efficiency and so on.

1. The distance is generally within 5mm, greater than this distance can also be charged, but efficiency will refer to several times the decline;

2. On the frequency band: generally 110k~225khz European standard is 110k~148khz

3. If the certification, mainly the following certification: BPP (5W standard, small Power), EPP (15W and above standards)

4. On the main coil has a single coil, three-wire loop, the three-wire loop of course, high efficiency.

5. About the coil materials, are all magnetic materials, the common ferrite and nano-crystalline, ferrite is thicker and brittle, nano-crystalline can reach 0.3mm, but the efficiency of the lower iron oxygen, is generally used in mobile phones. 6. When the product is made, the TX end needs certification, the RX can be