Wireless router purchase points

Wireless router purchase points

Wireless router purchase points; wireless router

1) Determine whether the network line is ADSL or Ethernet broadband. Select different WAN interfaces according to the line conditions.

2) Purchase equipment in mainstream applications. Buy wireless router based on IEEE802.11g wireless standard specification.

3) The application of small businesses should fully consider the routing function, security performance and wireless performance of wireless routers.

One of the main functions of the broadband wireless router is to allow multiple users to share a line to access the Internet, which requires network address translation (NAT).

The security scheme of the wireless router consists of two parts: the security of the broadband wireless router and the security of the wireless access. The security of broadband wireless routers lies in network address translation (NAT), server port filtering, user authentication, VPN, and well-known stateful packet inspection (SPI). Wireless access security includes WEP, Service Area Identifier (SSID), MAC address filtering of wireless client devices, 8.2. Lx authentication, and VPN. Not all wireless routers have all the above security measures, but the more security tools they have, the higher the cost, and the main emphasis is on practicality.