wireless charging industry chain

Wireless charging technology industry chain contains a number of links, according to the upstream and downstream relationship can be summed up as: chip, magnetic materials, wire coil, module manufacturing and design of the five major links. Magnetic material is the essential raw material for wireless charging products, is located in the upper reaches of the industrial chain; chip and program design links have high technical barriers, the highest value-added, mainly by foreign technology companies monopolized, domestic companies more focused on the coil and module manufacturing two links, lower profit margins, if the future wireless charging products volume,

The need for large-scale production capacity, domestic companies with excellent production capacity and experience accumulation, can still get better performance release. Wireless charging application prospect is broad, in addition to mobile phones, wearable equipment, home appliances, automobiles are also important applications, only to consider wearable equipment and smartphones and other consumer electronics market, the global smartphone, smart clothing shipments remain stable, the conservative forecast to 2020, the wireless charge penetration rate reached 50%, 70%,

Transmitter and receiver modules corresponding to the market size of about 9.6 billion U.S. dollars, tens of billions of dollars of market explosion imminent. The wireless charging application scene starts to fall, proposes to grasp the industrial chain opportunity from three main lines