Wireless charging era is coming

The relationship between magnetism and electricity was discovered by Oster, Daladier, the development and utilization of this technology has never stopped, and would like to use this technology to charge more and more mobile devices has long been the idea.

Market demand

        Now that we have entered a mobile Internet society, we have more and more mobile electronic devices in our hands. Mobile phones, e-books, tablets, game consoles and the like are connected to the Internet anytime and anywhere. At the same time, battery life has become almost all mobile Device mishap, although battery manufacturers in efforts to optimize the power management module to increase battery capacity, manufacturers are struggling to improve the processor architecture to reduce power consumption, but it is still difficult to meet the worry-free use of the requirements. If you have wireless charging, wherever you go, you can easily charge where the mobile Internet can be considered truly realized. According to Strategy Analytics research, the global handset shipments in the second quarter of 2011 increased by 13% over the same period of last year to reach 360 million units; Digitimes Research recently released the latest research report that in 2012 non-Apple tablet sales will grow 134%, while Apple iPad sales will grow by 55%. The two are optimistic about the market, the huge mobile phone market, Tablet PC, a vast space for future development; such a vast market are looking forward to the emergence of wireless charger. Now more research has also deepened into the field of electric vehicles, if you can charge anywhere, electric cars to promote no longer have resistance, environmental damage and rising oil prices is no longer a sensitive topic. Just hope that when the price does not exceed the price of oil. According to market research firm IHS iSuppli latest research shows that consumers have begun to squint wireless charging equipment, in 2011 sales of such products soared 616% to 8.858 billion US dollars, and in 2010, the sales of this product Only 123.9 million US dollars.

End some history

        A mess of wires in the home desk will be a thing of the past; while away from home, bulging bags are filled with a wide range of charging equipment, sometimes in the rush and may take the wrong one, if you have a wireless charger, Work will be a lot easier; the phone is dead on the road, and even the embarrassment of phone numbers were not informed ((joking) some lied people, there is no reason to say that the phone is off power off; small Mobile phone box will no longer be ugly charger accounted for most of a machine with a charge will also become a historical act; car exhaust is no longer the culprit of environmental pollution.

Promotion of practical problems

        Security is the most concern when people buy wireless chargers. If all the chargers switch to wireless charging, would not we be worried about people who are already overwhelmed by the magnetic cocoon, Humans will not be tired of radiation. So to prove that the magnetic field around the charger does not pose a threat to human health, the promotion will be more convincing. Now the charging distance is too short, charging time is too long, the power conversion efficiency is too low, are the technical difficulties facing the current conditions need to be gradually improved. Currently, each electronic device will be equipped with a charger, although a lot of waste, but also to more businesses have brought the opportunity, if the charger is no longer as standard, may hurt some of the industry chain Interests. Think about it, why a unified standard cell phone charger so difficult is this bar. Market game, only to a specific stage to see the outcome.

The current development

        Now on the market there have been some wireless charger specifically for iphone, can not be applied to all electronic products, and the price is more expensive, buyers just bought it to buy fun to try, have not yet formed a strong market drivers. However, currently optimistic about this market and a lot of research companies, this is a signal that the promotion of the application is a matter of time.

        Phone can get rid of the shackles of telephone lines, charging will usher in a wireless era.