What's the good material for wireless charger? And whether wireless charging be fast?

What is a wireless charger

A wireless charger is a charger that is connected to a terminal device that needs to be charged without a traditional charging power line. The latest wireless charging technology is used, by using the magnetic field produced between the coils, the magical transmission of electrical energy, and the inductor coupling. Combined technology will become a bridge connecting charging base stations and equipment.

Features of wireless charger

1. In theory, wireless charging technology has no harm to human security. The resonance principle of wireless charging is magnetic resonance, which is transmitted only between coils that resonate at the same frequency, while other devices cannot accept bands. In addition, the magnetic field used by the wireless charging technology itself is harmless to the human body. But, after all, wireless charging is a new type of charging technology, and many people are concerned that the wireless charging technology is just as Wi-Fi and mobile antenna poles have just appeared, but the technology itself is harmless.

2. The wireless charging technology uses magnetic resonance to transmit electric energy in the electric field and magnetic field between the charger and the equipment, and the coil and the capacitor form resonance between the charger and the equipment.

3, the system can be widely used in the future, such as charging area for electric vehicles and power transmission for computer chips. The charging system developed by this technology needs only 1/150 of the current charging time.

4, the conversion rate has been a problem that many people have been worried about. The study of Massachusetts Institute of Technology has shown that the loss of wireless charging technology is lower than that of cable charging. The conversion rate of wireless charging is several percentage points higher than that of wired. High conversion is also a key factor in the application of wireless charger in the world. But wireless charging technology is also limited by distance. In the future development, it is necessary to solve the problem of long distance transmission for precise positioning of band and magnetic field.

5, the core chip is one of the difficulties of wireless charging technology in product application. Precision radiation range control, magnetic field frequency and other control are realized by chip.

What is the quality material of the wireless charger?

At present, the wireless charger on the market is usually made of high-density plastic materials. It is the best kind of dismantling. Its plastics can be divided into ordinary, temperature resistant, flame retardant and electroplating grades. Our common power adapter uses three main categories: PC, ABS and PC+ABS.

Selection of magnetic materials for Wireless charger

The inner coil of the single coil free position charging device has a driving device which can move in the plane. By automatically detecting the placement of terminal equipment and moving the coil to the position, the position of the coil is consistent with the receiving position of the terminal. In order to achieve charging and improve charging efficiency, this design allows terminals to be charged at any location on the charging board. The Qi standard stipulates that the working frequency of this kind of charger is 140kHz. Because the coil needs to be moved, the magnetic sheet has high reliability, so the flexible magnetic sheet is generally used in the tape casting process.

A multi coil free position charger can be recharged at the same time for multiple terminals, with a plurality of coils arranged inside, which cover most of the area of the charging seat. As a result, the terminal can be placed freely on the charging seat, and the charger will automatically select several high efficiency transmission coils to supply power. Qi standard stipulates that the working frequency of multi coil free position type charger is 105kHz~113kHz, and the magnetic separator generally selects MnZn power materials with high Bs and low loss characteristics.

Does wireless charger and ordinary charger charge as fast?

The charging speed of wireless charger and ordinary charger will be different. Moreover, according to the different wireless charger manufacturers, the current and frequency are different.

The causes of hot: because in the charger in current, resulting in the obvious hot. (the reason for the hot is 1) the rapid movement of the electronic equipment is the sign of the overall molecular movement speed and the degree of the movement of molecules. 2, the transformer in the charger needs to convert the household voltage to 22V to a smaller cell phone charging voltage, such as 3.7V and 2.5V. In this process, the transformer can not completely convert the voltage, but rather waste some energy (this is why the transformers emit weak sounds and release heat), which are released in the form of heat (and vibration). So your chargers and appliances will get hot. At the same time, the temperature is high and the resistance is large, so heating will increase the consumption of electronic equipment and slow down the charging speed to a certain extent.