What is the difference between smart routers and ordinary routers?

What is the difference between smart routers and ordinary routers?

The router, this term is believed to be very familiar to everyone, routers have become the standard of working life in modern cities, with the popularity of the Internet industry, more and more companies have launched smart routers, such as Tenda smart routers, Zhibotong smart routers, Huawei Smart Router. Nowadays, smart routers that are getting more and more popular have nothing to do with ordinary routers, and they listen to Xiaobian one by one.


1. Smart routers pay more attention to mobilization

Ordinary routers were first used to use computers to access the Internet. Some mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets did not consider too much. With the popularization of smart phones, smart routers pay more attention to the mobile terminal. Smart routers have introduced more functions for mobile devices. .


2. Smart routers have powerful scalability

Traditional routers have very limited scalability. They cannot install applications and cannot attach hard disk light storage devices. However, smart routers break through this defect and can implement third-party applications, providing richer and more comprehensive functionality.


3. Smart router setup is simpler

The initial setting of an ordinary router needs to be realized by means of a computer. First, log in to the setting interface of the router and enter the user name and password before entering the setting interface. The setting procedure of the smart router is simpler and more convenient, and it supports one-button operation. To complete the initial setup, you can not only achieve it through a computer, but also through a mobile phone or even a tablet computer. This is for comrades without a computer. It is simply a great gospel.