What if your home wifi signal so bad, then how to do it?

What if your home wifi signal so bad, then how to do it?

In daily life, we often encounter the most common problem about wireless network, that is, signal coverage is not complete, so it is easy to fall off. How many times do we delay in the living room because we have no signal in the bedroom, how many times we feel bored and distressed by the toilet without signal, look at the ball game, take the cell phone and pour the water, however, the key moment is stuck, what if the goal is done, return out and see, , no signal ! We can't wait to keep the router at home all the time. Wherever we go, we can do whatever we want.


But at the moment, it seems that most routers on the market are not convenient to carry with them, because they are stuck in several lines behind them, so most of the time, they can only be a quiet "beautiful router".


INFI exclamation mark's coming out, just break this pattern, it is such a wayward, it is so random, simply say, as long as you have a socket in your home, it can let you easily access the Internet anytime and anywhere, because it is through the home wire to load non line signals, when your home has a router. At the time, you can directly connect the router to the back of the original router and plug it into the socket. At this time, the wire in your home has a wireless network, and then the other expander you can carry with you, the toilet, the balcony, and even the bedroom, as long as you feel the signal is bad. Where you feel annoyed, you can plug it into the corresponding socket, without additional settings, plug in and go on the Internet. If you don't have a router in your home, you only need to connect the router to the cat, then enter IP and confess the username and password to enter the parameters of the Internet. You can access the Internet, and after that, the expander is still plugged into the socket where you want to enhance the signal, how is it feeling very simple, even my router is easy to operate.


Because this router is loading the wireless signal through the power line, it is more stable than the general router. Add the expander with the product itself, it can be multiple expander, so it can basically realize the full coverage of the wireless network. It is believed that the emergence of this product can help solve the problem that many people have been puzzling over the Internet.