Tips on how to use wireless extender

Tips for using a wireless extender:

1. Install the repeater in a good signal position first. In order for the repeater to work properly, doing so can greatly reduce the occurrence of the problem.

2. Please upgrade the firmware of the repeater. Before the installation process, check to see if your repeater has the latest firmware version. There is no reason for us to deal with the firmware that was so well repaired early. Remember, upgrades are the best way.

3. Configure the IP address. Be sure to ensure the uniqueness of the repeater address and the range of IP addresses that the wireless network connection can confirm. In most cases, the default IP address is available, but you need to check the existing access point to confirm it. Also, set the subnet mask on the repeater to match the network settings. For the user, you may also want to configure the gateway IP address of the repeater to match the IP address configuration on the existing access point.

4. Configure SSID. Set it to be exactly the same as the SSID on the existing network. If you do not do this, the repeater is absolutely unable to work, and unless the repeater fails, it automatically scans the neighboring access point and automatically configures the user.

5. Configure wireless RF channels. The user needs to set up the wireless radio frequency on the repeater to match the settings on the existing access point. This is similar to the SSID, and if the channel is set to be different from the access point, the repeater will not function properly.

In short, the wireless extender can increase the existing wireless network RF range, is a good way to expand the wireless network. Especially when installing an additional access point is unrealistic, this can be a good choice. However, there are drawbacks to using a wireless extender, which reduces the throughput of the wireless network. The repeater must receive and send each frame on the same RF channel, which will increase the number of frames over the wireless network by one fold. This problem is more complex when you use multiple repeaters, because each of the relays copies the frames that are sent. Therefore, in the deployment of repeaters is not the more the more.

This is how the wireless extender settings to enhance the WiFi wireless signal related content, I hope to help you.