The future of intelligent router development

The future of intelligent router development.

With the rapid development of the router and the thorough application, attention to the router is warming, remember that last year, a new wireless standard 802. 11ac topic, raise a Babel of criticism of a year since the new specification mainly emphasizes greatly enhance the speed, speed naturally became the first to be examined, but with the heat of fermentation wireless router market the more people began to concern the future development of the intelligent router.

The development trend of intelligent routers.

From some angles, it seems that the continuous improvement of the new generation of wireless router on its appended applications makes its function gradually overlap with NAS. Though there is a great difference between them, it is still a good alternative for mild users.

Design thinking with internet network.

We are not far from the other side of the intelligent router between the war already intense, last year by startups in Beijing branch geeks extremely Technology launched "extremely intelligent router for routing", defined a clear meaning, very routing with the HiWiFi operating system with independent research and development, built-in large capacity memory, except for a few the characteristics mentioned above, the user can also install the App on demand, to increase the special function of the router, such as blocking ads, Download acceleration, wall and so on, influence, service-oriented network of Baidu and 360, with the wearable device mainly shell electrons, known as mobile phone and the higher order parity millet, have also invested in the development of intelligent wireless router, one of the most special is that they are not in the CNC manufacturers, but because of their own products on the net Network dependent, in the entrance site layout has been inadequate, so the brain is moving to the first gate between the user and the network, which is a wireless router on the body, so the wireless router based network application area used to produce a qualitative change, further development of cloud applications for their own service.

Functional progressively closer to NAS

Comes from operating system and the image of human interface, simplifying procedures and support cloud access, watch video streaming and so on, will let you feel like, the intelligent router with another network applications is quite similar? Yes, NAS, recently actively want to play into the domestic market NAS and SOHO group, also with a simple easy to use, convenient access and entertainment function as the main demands, there are vendors directly declare Netcom, home wireless router, with remote access and streaming functions like the NAS, such as the Shartport power of D-Link is an example. Whether this will be squeezed into the living space of NAS, in fact most of the current router through USB port to connect to the hard disk, the long run, when the wireless router built in large capacity after (such as millet routing has built-in 1TB hard disk), low order Bay type NAS will indeed be challenged, but don't forget. NAS tableland aims to secure backup, and router to tableland network packet transmission, understand the basic differences, nature will not be confused.