The distinction of wireless routers The choice of wireless routers

The distinction of wireless routers The choice of wireless routers

Routers are divided into different grades and the prices are not the same. They are not the same as those used in homes and water power. Because the routers required by industry are more functional, what is the rating of these routers? Certainly not To see the size of the distinction, the following to introduce you to the level of differentiation of wireless routers

The processor and memory largely determine the performance of the router. There is another way to differentiate between the load capacity and the number of belts. The number of belts is not a standard amount of data. It should be measured based on actual usage, for example, in an internet cafe. Everyone is immersed in Internet chat, games, and almost all of the data is WAN ports through the router, so the load is heavy;

However, if it is an enterprise network, most people are busy designing, writing reports, and planning. At the same time, only a small number of people use the Internet, and most of the data flows within the enterprise network. Therefore, the difference in router load is very high. Light, it can load more clients at the same time. If it is said that the maximum load of 253 units, then it does not make sense, because the maximum number of IP addresses DHCP can be assigned is 254, minus the one used by the router is 253 This can't be called an indicator. We have to look at the actual load capacity of a router, not the theoretical load capacity.

There are many uncertainties and deceptive nature of load capacity. We can also look at the throughput. The throughput refers to the amount of data that the router can process per second. This parameter refers to the LAN-to-WAN throughput. The measurement result should be When NAT is turned on and the firewall is turned off, Smartbits and Chariot are used separately. When Smartbits is used, 64Byte packets are compared.

Test data, high judgment; Chariot test is best done under multiple connections, generally can choose 100 pairs of connections can basically see the difference between products.

The function and processing speed of the router are set according to the basic configuration. The industrial-class routers must have strong load capacity and the processing speed is fast. The sites like municipal engineering, industrial material, water conservancy, and electricity are all industrial grade routers. A small office company and a personal residence can simply use one or two small home routers.