Router mesh network strikes, are you ready?

Router mesh network strikes, are you ready?

Watching video in addition to buffering or buffering, you want to brush a micro-blog but it is always refreshing. You want to watch video while cooking in the kitchen but you find that you don’t even have Internet access. In today’s people’s heavy reliance on the Internet, the network signal Instability is really irritating. With the improvement of the quality of life in society, people's living space is becoming wider and wider, as well as the complex design of the housing structure, which can lead to a wireless router that cannot cover all living rooms.

According to the traditional solution, it is generally relayed wireless signals or deployed power cats. However, the wireless relay signal can only be relayed one level down, and the wireless transmission rate of the relayed signal is greatly reduced. If your router is in the living room and you want signals in your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, relaying this convenience will not work. Another method is to use electricity cats. Although power cats can solve the problem of coverage in each room, if the microwave ovens, ovens, refrigerators and other high-powered devices in the homes are used, the transmission rate of the power cats will be greatly reduced.

In the face of these problems, mesh networks emerged. As the name suggests, mesh networks ensure that wireless routers can relay wireless signals to each other. The traditional wireless relay technology can only relay from A to B, then from B to C. The connection between A and C cannot be connected, but the mesh network can make A, B, and C between the three devices. Create connections to create a network pattern that resembles a honeycomb shape. If a mesh network can be realized in the future, many companies can greatly reduce wiring, save space, and save costs. Currently, mesh networks have been applied to home users, and it is believed that mesh networks can be applied to enterprises in the near future.

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