Is wireless charging safe?

Is wireless charging safe? 

Nowadays More and more people use wireless charging, so is wireless charging safe? Convenient since Needless to say, in addition, wireless charging is also very safe, no exposed connector, leakage, depreciation etc. completely avoid the potential safety hazards. Some people worry about the radiation problem. This technology is first used in water purifier. Up to now, it has been 8 years. The safety has been verified by 36 countries. It will certainly bring no harm to the human body and the environment. According to the introduction, the wireless charging is mainly transported through the magnetic field, and the vast majority of the human beings and the human beings are nonmagnetic. Another advantage of wireless charging is to save electricity. The efficiency of wireless charging equipment is about 70%, which is equal to that of wired charging device. But it has the function of full automatic shutdown and avoids unnecessary energy consumption. Moreover, the efficiency of the reception is increasing, and it will soon be able to reach 98%.

The wireless charging device is much more intelligent than the ordinary charger. For different electronic products, the power interface can automatically correspond. When the charge is needed, the transmitter and the receiver chip will start automatically at the same time, and the two party will automatically turn off when it is full of electricity. It can also automatically identify different equipment and energy requirements for 'personalized work', which is intelligent.

Now, considering the safety of consumers and their convenience, the researchers first provided near magnetic field wireless charging technology, that is, they need to be placed next to the transmitter. Meanwhile, they are also studying long-distance wireless charging, which will be an emerging market. In fact, the current technology can carry effective electricity transmission within the range of 3 feet to 4 feet, but it also needs to be verified by the relevant organizations. It is believed that in the next 5 to 10 years, even faster, long distance wireless charging will enter every person's life.

In the future, not only small power appliances, but also common household appliances, medical devices, electric tools, office appliances, kitchen appliances, etc., all of them can realize wireless charging. In fact, it should be called "wireless power supply" accurately, that is to say, when transmitting and using electric energy, no battery like storage device is needed, and there is no need to charge in advance.

At that time, wire, strip, the battery can disappear, even you do not feel the existence of electricity, it is like air, make you feel easy.