Industrial Router Requirements for Installation Environment

Industrial Router Requirements for Installation Environment

system requirement

Installation of industrial router system environment requirements:

   A Windows-based PC/AT-compatible computer or Ethernet data device with an RJ-45 interface that supports 10/100 Mbps data rates.

   Each workstation must have the TCP/IP network protocol installed.

   RJ-45 Ethernet twisted pair for connecting to Ethernet.

   Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.

   An AC outlet.

Installation Environment

   Industrial routers can be installed in many places, such as walls or desktops. We recommend that you choose a suitable location for your industrial wireless router. To ensure the best performance:

   Please place the industrial wireless router horizontally, try to place it higher, and try to center it (as opposed to the PC).

   Please try to keep the antenna upright.

   Please do not put the industrial 4G router in a humid place.

   For better signal reception, do not leave industrial-grade 4G routers in hidden areas.

   Keep away from possible sources of interference, such as metal partitions.

establish connection

   Before connecting a router on the entire network, first make sure that the power of the routers such as Netcom routers and Ethernet are all connected. Then follow the following steps to configure:

   Connect the PC cable to the LAN port of the industrial LTE router.

   Connect the ADSL Modem or other line provided by the ISP provider to the WAN port of the industrial-grade LTE router.

   Connect the power supply.

   Open the industrial network router and your PC in turn.

   Connect the power supply (including industrial-grade routers, hubs, switches, modems, and computers), and the industrial full Netcom router will start itself. After the NW605 PLUS is powered up, the entire boot process is completed in about 40 seconds. This process is automated and requires no user intervention. The SYS LED flashes several times quickly after startup.

friendly reminder

1: If the industrial grade full Netcom router has been connected to a booted ADSL/CABLE MODEM, the WAN port indicator should be lit. If this indicator is flashing, it indicates that the industrial 3G router is sending and receiving data.

2: If the industrial 3G router is already connected to a computer that has been turned on, the corresponding LAN port indicator should be on. If this LED is flashing, the network is active.