How to avoid your wireless router password be cracked?

Though wireless router password frequently be changed, there are still so easy to be cracked? How to solve the problem? Let’s share with you several points.


The specific methods are as follows:


1. To modify the router's secret, the default router's secret is mostly admin.


2. Decisively discard WEP, use WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK encryption type. Once measured on his computer for 1 minutes, he got his WEP password.


3. To enhance the complexity of password, such as "AdJF6%i*hSj#", such as the abnormal password, WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK is relatively safe, only by violent guessing dictionaries, in this case, the security of the password is proportional to the complexity of the password.


4. Close QSS and WPS, most of them have not been used, but it has hidden a huge hole, because the PIN code is only 8 bits, it is easy to be broken by violence, get the PIN code, and innumerable passwords can not help.


5. If you really don't want to turn off QSS and WPS, then set a PIN code limit, such as forcing a two PIN connection interval of 300 seconds. In this way, even if the violence is broken, you can calculate, 11000 pin combinations, 300 seconds once, the computer works uninterrupted for 38.2 days, and I don't want to talk about the drop, the dead machine, and so on. The heart of the man died.