Apple wireless charging and Samsung differentiation significantly, the next burst in the mobile phone industry has come

As iPhone 10 anniversary of the iPhone8, comes standard with nearly 10 new features before the official release, it has been confirmed by supply chain vendors. Among the many new features included in the iPhone 8, Amit Daryanani, a market analyst, has found that one of the most anticipated new features is the "battery-backed" wireless charging.

Wireless charging was first proposed by Tesla in 1980 and until the first industry alliance, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), was established in 2008, the wireless charging technology and specifications were gradually matured and imported into the terminal. In September 2012, Nokia announced two Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 phones, the first to support wireless charging.

At present, there are more than 70 mobile phones with wireless charging in the world. Among them, the terminal manufacturers with the largest shipments in the market and the industry moving forward, none other than Samsung, and Samsung starting from the S5. Each generation of flagship aircraft also comes standard with wireless Charge. At the same time, Samsung continued to promote the wireless charging industry chain has been quite mature.

As the industry benchmark, a new generation of iPhone will be equipped with wireless charging technology, is bound to accelerate the wireless charging in the explosive area of consumer electronics, to attract more Android phones to follow suit, triggering a new explosive point in the mobile phone industry. So, iPhone8 wireless charging will lead to a new burst point? IPhone8 wireless charging will bring new experiences? And Samsung mobile wireless charging what will be different?

IPhone8 wireless charging led mobile phone market next explosion point

In the era of post-smart phone, mobile phone innovation is more and more concentrated in the appearance, especially the terminal without holes will be the ultimate goal of respected iPhone appearance. According to Apple's design in recent years, from the first step to cancel the headphone jack to cancel the charging interface to the future plan is a big trend, while the terminal without holes need to be established on the basis of wireless charging to ensure battery life.

At the same time, subject to a variety of different interfaces and data lines interference, cell phone charging experience is not good. Wireless charging applications can quickly solve a variety of data lines and interfaces are not compatible with the problem, while the liberation of the last cell phone charging distance, improve cell phone charging convenience will become inevitable.

Of course, now is the era of wired charging, with the iPhone8 standard wireless charging, the industry believes that the next 3 years will be wired and wired into the future, and then the era of mobile wireless charging will come.

In addition to industry trends, iPhone's direction is more important. All along, iPhone is the trend of other mobile phone makers. Judging from the explosive point of the iPhone in the past, the iPhone8 is equipped with wireless charging technology and will be the same as the revolution initiated by the iPhone in the past. It will certainly make the technology change from "optional" into "high-end standard" and further In the consumer electronics detonated this concept, wireless charging will also become the new round of Android camp standard.

According to IHS forecasts, wireless charging is expected to break out in the past two years with a compound annual growth rate exceeding 50%; penetration is expected to reach 60% by 2019, and the market for wireless charging will exceed US $ 10 billion by 2019 to 2024 The market size of nearly 100 billion yuan. This market growth and penetration and iPhone5S 4 years ago released fingerprint recognition, which detonated fingerprint recognition industry is similar to the fingerprint recognition in mobile phone penetration rate already close to 50%.

Apple wireless charger with 16 coils, in contrast with Samsung

Apple is now in the detonation of wireless charging the eve of the night, iPhone8 wireless charging will bring what new experience? This Samsung mobile phone wireless charging What will be different?

Before I understand the iPhone8 wireless charging, take a look at industry practitioners have always been - Samsung, Samsung wireless charging receiver and transmitter is the use of IDT chips and programs, wireless charger from the initial Samsung S6 5W wireless charger upgrade to Samsung Note5 9W wireless fast charge, to Samsung S7 wireless charger upgrade to double coil 9W wireless fast charge, to Samsung S8 wireless charger to upgrade to the three-coil design, you can achieve 10W wireless fast charge.

According to supply chain vendors revealed that there will be two versions of the wireless charger Apple introduced, that is, 5w wireless slow charge and 7.5w wireless fast charge, and 7.5w wireless fast charge Apple will be encrypted, not compatible with Samsung and other wireless charging Phone

And Samsung's latest wireless charger is different, Apple 7.5w wireless charger will bring a different charging experience. The manufacturer further revealed that Samsung mobile wireless charging requires TX and RX point-to-point alignment can be charged, while the Apple 7.5w wireless charger will be built-in 16 wireless charging coil, the size of the CD-ROM similar to the phone can be done above the launch pad Wireless charging without the need for point-to-point alignment, perfect charging experience.

But what the industry criticizes is that how Apple Wireless Fast Charge only supports 7.5w, after all, Samsung has already supported 10w wireless fast charge. The supply chain vendors said that although the Samsung S8 wireless charger claims 10w fast charge, but measured actually found that Samsung wireless charger to mobile phone battery power is only 6.6w, the improved Apple wireless charger is more likely to Samsung faster , Charging more efficient.

However, at present, including China Wireless Core Microelectronics, Xiamen New Page, Yi Chong Wireless, Shanghai Xin Jie, Shanghai Vodafone and other wireless charging IC manufacturers have claimed that its wireless charging chip can support 15w output power, but the country has not yet equipped with 15w wireless fast Charge mobile phone market. With the lead of the iPhone8, handset manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi, VIVO and Jinli are actively researching wireless charging solutions. I believe next year there will be a lot of domestic handsets that support wireless fast charging, and 15w wireless charging will also be achieved Possibly, the industry watershed for handset wired and wireless charging will follow.